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Finally, the time came for Jess's friend party. They were dressed up in some fancy clothes and were headed out the door.
"Now, you guys better behave yourselves there. I mean I know it's auntie Jess but all of my old friends are going to be there so please! Especially you Jr, I know you get your rembuncious side from your father." Kasey rolled her eyes as they drove into Jess's driveway. Bart kept his arm around Kasey when they headed to the door. She knocked on Jess's door and she came out.
"Oh hi guys! Just in time. Jr!" She smiled as Bart Jr, lept into her arms.
"Auntie!" he wrapped his pudgy little arms as far as he could around her, giving her a huge hug.
"So...can we come in now?" Kasey asked, smiling.
"Oh yeah sure. I'm blocking the way...DUH." Jess moved out of the way and Kasey and Bart went inside.
Kasey saw so many fimiliar faces she hasn't seen in years.Amber, Amanda, Lisa all of her old friends. They all stared at her, in amasement. "Uhh, hi guys. I haven't seen any of you in years."
"Kay, you really look wonderful for being thirty-two. How do you keep a figure like that?"
"actually, I really don't know. It's just my metabolism I guess." Her kids followed behind her, with her oldest daughter holding both her infant children.
"Woah! You have four kids? With who?" Lisa asked.
"With him." She smiled as she pointed to Bart. He nervously smiled and waved.
All of their eyes widened. They never suspected something from her like that.
"how long have you two been married?"
"um,eleven years, exactly on this day."
Jess's eyes suddenly widened. "Oh shit I totally forgot! Kay, don't move I'll be right back." She dashed up the stairs and after a few minutes, she came down with a present from her to both of them.
"Bart, I'm actually being nice to you since you make my best friend happy." Jess slightly smiled and handed him the box.
"Thanks Jess. You are actually pretty cool when you're not trying to kill me." He chuckled and smiled at her, while she did the same.
Kasey grabbed his arm gently, "Open it!"
Bart tore the lid off the box and unraveled with what looks like a little box inside the box. He carefully opened the box and to find little treasures from their lives together.
Kasey looked at the photo that was inside the box, of her and Bart as kids, the best of friends.
"Oh my god...I thought I lost this picture years ago." Her eyes had tears.
Bart looked at Jess and winked and mouthed "I'll tell her."
Kasey dug through more to find pieces of her teenage years and memories float back into her head. She started to cry.
"Jess...Thank you. Thank you so much." She hugged her tight.
"Don't thank me. I was just the one who hid it here and wrapped it. Thank Bart."
She turned her head and faced him. " did this for me?" She smiled brightly.
"Yeah. I have kept these things all these years hidden and I've decided it was time to give them to you. I knew it was our anniversary and Jess and I planned this whole thing. We wanted to surprise you with this box for eight years. Kasey, i love you. More than can I actually say. You are like, my world. You love me and like you said last night, "I'm never gonna leave you." and that's a promise I'm willing to keep forever."
"Oh Bart, I love you so much!" She jumped into his arms and kissed him more passionatly than ever before. She had tears streaming down her face.
Everyone in the party was not in on it. They never knew about their relationship at all. Jess was the only one.
"I'm so giving you a gift when we get home." She devilishly smiled.
"But you already gave me a full on last night and this morning but I'm so up for another." He kissed her cheek.
Everybody started to woo. Jess just stood there, disturbed on how much they loved each other. "I've never seen so much sex between two people. I said I'll never allow it but you guys broke that rule. Alot actually. But just for this occaision, I'll let you guys do it."

"Thanks. You finally noticed how much I love him."
"you're welcome." Jess smiled.
Jr. interuppted, "Hey, where's the food?" He crossed his arms and stared at his aunt. "Bring me some food woman."
"Jr! Where's your manners? Don't be sexist about it hun." Kasey glared at him.
Jess pointed to the snack table. Bart Jr. along with his father barged over. Bart began to drink all the duff.
"Oh no...." Kasey facepalmed and looked away.
I finished the second part and now finishing the third part. :3
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